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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

How different messages impact your conversion

Learn how to keep track of the impact each of your messages has on the conversion

How to keep increasing the performance of your messages

In order to make your automated messages more and more effective, you need to measure the impact they have on your conversion. You can do this by setting up an A/B test.

  1. In the action, after the event trigger, simply put an A/B test module before the send message module so that only half of the users will receive it.
  2. Add a tag “Received Message” to users who received and “No Message” to users who did not.

The action will look something like this: 

Make sure you measure the conversion.

You need a way to know if the user has converted or not. If your conversion is noted manually, simply add a tag to the user profile. If the conversions are tracked automatically, it’s even easier to add a tag using actions.

Make two conversion segments

In order to compare which way, A or B, worked better, it will be useful for you to have two separate segments included. The first one will include converted users with the tag from path A, and the second, with converted users with a tag from path B.

Use dashboards to get a quick view of the results

The Segment size over the last 14 days widget is perfect to see which path, A or B, worked better. Naturally, you will have to wait to see the results as your prospects need time to convert. You can learn how to create dashboards here.