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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

How to use App email in

Redirect your users' emails to a chat window


Your users don’t contact you only via chat, sometimes they prefer to contact you through emails. Thanks to App email module, you can see all emails you received in the chat window. The answers from the chat window will be sent straight to your user’s email address.

An App email is an unique address generated for your app. Emails sent to this address will appear in the chat panel in the section Conversations, letting you respond without having to leave the app. You can use this address to redirect customers' emails from your company's email address.

The system will add a sent message to the conversation if the person has an open conversation. Otherwise, he will create a new one.

Where to find it.

Go to Settings -> App settings -> Chat-> Chat emails.

Default URL

This is the default URL that will be attached to emails sent to users whom you've answered but who were no longer available on chat.

Practical ways to use App email

How this email can be used in SMTP settings

Go to Settings -> SMTP settings -> Create new. In that window, you have Reply-to address. If you enter the app's email there, you will receive all your users’ responses to your campaigns sent from custom SMTP right to the chat, not to your email address. This will help you keep all your communication in one place.

How this email can be used in inbox settings

If you synchronize your email inbox with the app's email, you will also receive all messages sent to the email address in chat. To do this, you need to set Redirection or Forwarding in your email settings.

How this email can be used in your own domain settings

When creating a new sender in Settings -> Email domain -> Add new senders, you have the field called Reply-to. If you enter the app's email there, you will receive all responses to your campaigns sent from this domain right in chat.

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