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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg

Integration via script implementation

How to integrate your data with the database via simple script implementation within your web page source code

What integration methods do we offer?

We have a variety of plugins that allow us to synchronize our clients’ data with the app automatically. There is also an alternative manual method to integrate the widget via script implementation into the source code of your web page.

Please, go here to check all the integration options we have for you, or do it within the app by going to "Settings" -> "Setup & integrations".

What is an API key and what function does it serve?

The API key within the source code of the script is the simplest integration method we offer. In fact, it lets us send cookies to your browser with a user’s name in the chat widget.

How to collect more completed user data

To let our clients identify their users by more detailed data, we also offer alternative scripts which let you manually include fields you wish to collect, e.g. email address, as well as any additional attributes, such as: user type, localization details, etc. Once implemented, the script will transfer these details to the app. Consequently, it lets you separate your users by different previously set attributes.

What is User ID and what function does it serve? lets you identify every unique user, even if they have the same name or use the same device. To distinguish every single user, we've implemented the identifying attribute "User ID" which automatically assigns a unique numerical key to every user in your database. Therefore, even if several users use the same browser at the same time, the chat widget will refresh content for them personally.

What is Company ID and what function does it serve?

To let you connect every single user with the company the person works for, we've included the identifying attribute "Company ID". Briefly, it groups the users in your database by company. Also, you may include the custom attributes you wish to obtain for each employee of the company, e.g. registration number, corporate bank account details, etc. This will result in the details being entered in both the section, People, and in the tab, Companies (inside the section "App settings"). 


You can assume that every custom attribute you set in your app will be collected and transferred to the database. Bear in mind, the number and specifics of these attributes depends on your preferences only.