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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Setting up Knowledge Base domain

Learn how to set your own Knowledge Base domain

Knowledge Base by default is visible as a link in domain (for example, You can easily change that and create your own custom link.

To configure your own Knowledge Base link:

  1. Configure the Knowledge Base domain in your application

  2. Create a custom CNAME record in your domain provider

IMPORTANT: Do the first step first, as the configuration will not work otherwise. Please contact us if you've encountered any problems.

1. Configure the domain

Go to Settings -> App Settings -> Additional -> Knowledge base settings.

Choose "Change your own domain" option and in the "Subdomain" input type: docs.<name_of_your_domain>

This is where your documentation will be stored, and "docs" is just an example of a possible subdomain of your website (thus you'll see "docs" as a subdomain in the next step).

2. Create a custom CNAME record

At your supplier's website (for example Cloudflare, Freenome etc.) you need to add a CNAME record directing to <your_app_name> After having set that up, you might notice that the domain doesn't operate with SSL certificate, and only HTTP connections are available. You can learn what you can do to change it and how to do it here.

An example of a CNAME record added is shown below (for a test app from

Cloudflare example:

So, basically:

  • Name - is your subdomain you added in the

  • Value - is <your_app_name>

AWS example:

>> Create a domain record in Route53

>> Create a CloudFront distribution

>> Point it to

>> Create an SSL certificate for the distribution (can be done directly in the CloudFront settings)

>> Point the custom domain to the distribution in Route53.

Also, please set those settings:

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