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Dawid S
Written by Dawid S

Knowledge Base Domain

Learn how to set a domain for your knowledge base

Knowledge base by default is visible as a link in domain (for example,, but it can be visible under your own custom link. To configure your own link:

  1. Configure the domain in your application
  2. Create a custom CNAME record in your domain provider

Remember: it is important to do the first step first, as the configuration will not succeed otherwise. Please contact us if you've encountered any problems.

First step: Application settings

In the panel, go to Main settings - Additional - Knowledge base settings. There, in the Domain input, type docs.<name_of_your_domain> where your documentation should be stored (if you used "docs" as your subdomain in the next step).

Second step: Setting CNAME record

At your supplier's website (Cloudflare, Freenome etc.) you need to add a CNAME record directing to <your_domain> As for now, the domain doesn't operate with SSL certificate, and only HTTP connections are available. An example record is shown below (from