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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Manage subscription - advanced unsubscribe

We would like to introduce you to a more advanced way to manage and keep track of your subscription list.

You can give your users to manage their email subscription in a more advanced way now. According to our basic article (you can check it here) you can paste a general unsubscribe link to the email messages you send or use the "unsubscribe from specific list" button. The second option now has additional options.


First of all, we've introduced a new way of managing lists. You can set up your list as private (the name is not visible for your users) or public (the name of the list is listed on the manage subscription page). If you had any list created before our change all of them will be set up as Private. You can always change their visibility by updating it in the Lists section.

How does it work?

You have knowledge of a regular Unsubscribe. If not, please check the article again.

If you’re familiar with the main rules, let's go further. Those basic things haven’t changed in the way they work.

There is an additional panel for managing list subscriptions. To enable it you have to add this HTML tag inside your email template:

<a id="UE_manage_subscriptions">manage subscriptions</a> 

This is a clickable URL that will result in a table view where you can user can manage their list assignment. It looks like this:

On the screenshot above you can see only public lists.

Note that the user is already added to two of those lists. The user now has several options:

  • Slide the toggle to inactive to be removed from one of the lists,
  • Slide both toggles to be removed from both of these lists,
  • Click on the “Unsubscribe from all lists” to be removed from both of them at once,

Each of these actions triggers a call to our Remove from a list module inside Automations section. You can capture all of his actions.

If the user slides toggle, he can slide it back at any moment.

Remember that a user removed from a list doesn’t change his unsubscribe from the email attribute.

One of the additional features is the possibility to resubscribe to a list. What does it mean?

The user who clicked on the direct unsubscribe from a public list can click on the special URL inside the final view and will be redirected to the Manage subscription page. 

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