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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba


Learn how segments work, how to use them and what are cached and current results.

What is Segment?

Basically, a segment is a set of filtering parameters. So, instead of assigning the same complicated filters to find a specific group of contacts, you can simply create a segment with the same filter settings

How to add a Segment?

You can add a new segment in the People section, with the help of the filter icon on the right. Simply filter users who meet specified conditions then, at the bottom, click "+" - Create segment.

Then, name the segment and add description as shown below. Also, at the bottom you have additional option, where you can set the segment invisible for specific agents.

You can also assign the segments to specified agents. It helps by, e.g., dividing leads among sales representatives and users among support agents. By using the option to make segments as default for specific agents, your agents will be able to see the contacts they are responsible for and focus only on them.

Go to "Settings" -> "App settings" -> "User data & events" -> "Segment management".

Displaying segments (cached and current results)

There are two ways to display people who belong to a particular segment. 

1. The usual way is to click a segment's name on the top bar in the People section. This way you make a search through your whole user database and get current results. However, if you operate on a huge database that carries milions of records, it may take a while.

2. The other option is less time-consuming. You can get the cached results. We also update each segment every 30 minutes, so if you use this approach, your results may be outdated by max. 30 min.

To do it, in the People section simply open Filters, and at the end you will find filter cached results: Segment, as shown below. Pick your Segment and click Search.

Recalculate segments

To have updated - current - results in cached Segments, you can Recalculate them.

1. To calculate segments, in People section click "Data".

2. In the drop down list click "Recalculate Segment" or "Recalculate all segments" depending on what you wish to achieve.

3. If you chose the first option, in pop-up click the Settings icon and then "Recalculate"

4. After your segment is calculated, open Filters and on the bottom select Segments. From the dropdown choose the segment you want to use and click Search.

Segments in Automations

In automations, segments can be used both as a filtering parameter (cashed results here) and as a separate module (current results).

Segment in Filters condition (cached results):

Segment in separate module (current results):

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