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Dawid Tyburek
Written by Dawid Tyburek

SMSAPI Integration

Connect your SMSAPI account to send SMS campaigns right from panel.

Getting Started

To connect your SMSAPI account with to send SMS messages to your users, you need to have an active SMSAPI account.

After integration, the number assigned to your account will be available in panel.

  • Go to your SMSAPI panel and find Tokens API (OAuth) section under API Settings.
  • There you need to create a token for, which allows you to send SMS messages (You need to copy the token, because it's visible only once!).
  • Get back to panel and visit Settings > Setup&Integrations > SMSAPI section

  • Here you need to configure your credentials and paste token you have created before.

Congrats! You have just connected your SMS API account with Now you can go to Campaigns > SMS section and create your first SMS campaign there!

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