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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg

Why my emails are not being sent

What may have gone wrong

When emails aren't being sent

To see why your email was not sent, go to the section, "Campaigns", and click a particular campaign's name. In the section, "Delivery log", look at the column "Failure reason".

The most common cases:

  • Wrong email addresses
  • Did you double check that all emails in your database are correct?
  • If they come from an unchecked form, it’s possible that some of them are simply misspelled.
  • Email is “Pending”
  • If you are using your own SMTP, make sure that you haven't exceeded your sending limit. This is often the case with Gmail accounts. Also check if the integration has been correctly implemented
  • In some extreme cases when large groups of big companies demand delivery of gigantic amounts of emails, it's possible that our app is simply taking longer to handle them.