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Dawid Tyburek
Written by Dawid Tyburek

Deduplicate users

Often, you might have several users, who in fact are the same person. There is a simple way to remove all duplicates and keep all your valuable data.

Such a process, deduplication of users, can be done on our side through Customer Support. You need to request it via chat and define the time period for repeating the action. Our specialists will set the deduplication for you. It can run once in 1, 7, or 30 days, or another time interval you need.

How does it work? We check all your users and group together those with the same email. In every group we pick one; let’s call it 'base user'. 

To become this base user, priority is given to those with a User ID. If you have a few with the same email and with a User ID, we will choose the one that was updated most recently. The others will be left untouched or expelled from the group. So, for the moment, we have a group with one base user and a few others with the same email but without a User ID.

If 'base user' hasn’t got some attributes filed (like phone number, city, OS etc.,) we will take that information from the others. But priority goes to those with the higher "Status" (‘user’ is more important than ‘visitor’) and those who were updated more recently. 

The same happens with custom attributes. All chat conversations, emails, events, deal, tags etc. will be kept and assigned to this base user.

Page visits will be summed up. If there is different information about when he or she was last contacted, last seen, or when you last heard from him or her, we will take the most recent value.

The automatic deduplication process runs once per day so as not to slow the processes during your working hours. Thus, if you request it via chat, you will be able to see the results the following day.