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Michał Brożyna
Written by Michał Brożyna

Match visitors with the right support agent(s)

Assign conversations to the right agents

Why use agent-user matching?

To ensure that a customer gets his question answered or issue solved as quickly and effortlessly as possible and thus turning him or her into a happy customer, it's essential to connect the user with the right support or sales person - the one who is specialized in a given field. With our module, you can do it either manually or automatically.

Manual assignment

Here you can assign agents manually directly from the conversation. On the top right of the window, Conversations, there is a place where you can select an agent to assign to the conversation. (The default is Unassigned.)

Automated assignment

Here you can assign agents automatically using Assignment rules. Here is how:

Let's say you want to assign all the users whose browsers are set to Spanish to the group of agents who speak Spanish. Before matching those two groups, you have to define them.

Go to Data -> People and create a segment of users whose browser language equals es. (For help on creating segments, read this article.)

Then go to Settings -> Team management -> Agent groups and create a new group filled with agents who speak Spanish. Once you have both of these groups ready, go to Settings -> Team management -> Assignment rules. Click on the blue button on the top right Add assignment rule and simply match the appropriate Agent group to the appropriate Segment.