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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

How to trigger automations for Landing Pages and Embed Forms? gives you a possibility to create custom landing pages and embed forms. So, let's go one step further and create the automations on submit.

Landing Pages

Let's take the following example: to register for an event that we organize user needs to fill the form on the landing page (LP) created in After that we want to send a welcome email campaign to confirm all the details and describe the agenda.

Step 1

We create a landing page in Tools > Landing Page section

Full instruction about it you can find here.

Landing page can be hosted either on or your custom domain.

Step 2

Automation. To create the automation we need to write down the scenario and then look for the suitable modules. Every flow starts with the trigger. In this case we need to use the "Event trigger" and pick the system event (which is collected automatically after the first submit of the form on the LP) - landing_page_conversion

However we can have more than one landing page. So we need to use the landingpage_id attribute to refer to this specific LP.

Where to find the landing page id?

Please go to the Tools > Landing page section and enter the profile of the LP. In the url you will see the unique sequence of characters - this is the ID we are looking for. Default link of the LP itself also includes this ID (unless you host the LP on your custom domain).

The landing_page_conversion event on the user's timeline will also include this piece of the information.

So, this is how the "Event trigger" should look like:

After that we can use other modules to each our goal and finish the process.

For example, send an email campaign (please, remember, that the email campaign should be created in prior).

Save the automation and define the timing - how often the automation should be triggered per user.

It can be only once for each user, each time the trigger condition is met or any other option available in the dropdown:

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