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Michael Wertenberg
Written by Michael Wertenberg

Module guide: API call

Send an API call to your app

How it works

The module works very similarly to webhooks, but instead of triggering when a message is sent, it is used if any other conditions are met. You can send all user data to a specific URL.

The field "URL" is for where to send the request (to another app or platform), and "Extra data (JSON)" is the content you want to send in addition to the user details.

Case Study

If somebody registers on your website, let’s create an automation with the API Call to your app with the data. All you need to do is start with Event trigger: Register_newsletter (when a person subscribes), now, add the action module Send an email campaign.

Now, whenever somebody subscribes, there will be an email campaign sent to verify the email address. Through the exit node, on click, connect to the action module Update an attribute (newsletter: true).

Now, connect Event trigger to API call. (Remember to configure the module!) This way, you can send any data you need in an automated way.