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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Most common form mistakes

Learn more about the most common mistakes so as to not make them in your work

The most common mistakes when using forms in are really easy to correct. As there are many possible scenarios, the fastest way to solve the problem is to go through the checklist and make sure you did all of the following:

Problem 1: My form is not being displayed

Solution: Probably, there is a problem with your action path. To verify, create a new form based on a template and do not change a single character in its code. Connect your action path to this new form and see if it's being displayed. If not, it means the action is the problem.

Please check the Most Common Mistakes in Actions to learn how to resolve the issue.

Problem 2: The form appears, I input the data but it is not transferred to the database

Solution: Check if you have correctly defined the data field and have associated it with the correct user attribute.

Problem 3: My form appears, the data is saved but action modules placed behind the form are not activated

Solution: There are two variables: You either spark the next actions if the user submits the the form, or spark the actions if the user does not.

In the first case, make sure that you have connected the show form module to the right action modules with the “on submit” node.

If you want to take action in case the user does not submit the form, create the following path:

Trigger > Show Form > (on show) > Delay (give them time to fill out the form) > Submitted form > Action