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Dawid Stojan
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Push Notifications

What are push notifications? Where and how to set and use them in

What are push notifications about?

Push notification is a personalized alert displayed for users of your website or application in real time. On notification click, user will be redirected to specific place on your website or application. 

What you can use push notifications for?

Push notifications attract attention of your users. It will help to increase your conversion rates and engage users for specific activities like:  

  • Purchase of dedicated product
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Visit a specific page on your website
  • Download your application 

How to personalize your push campaign?

As a part of the push campaign, we can define:

  • Design of notification icon
  • Content of notification
  • Time of sending
  • The redirect page
  • Placement of notification
  • Target audience based on:
  • Location
  • Behavior
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Segment

Usage guides per type of push notifications in 

Simple mobile push notification campaign

Simple push notifications to smartphone and tablet visitors of your website. To know how to create simple campaign, click here.

Mobile push notification for automation

Send push notification for smartphone and tablet users via automations. To read more about campaign for automation, click here.

Mobile in-app messages for automation

Notifications inside your mobile application. To know how to create mobile in-app messages in, click here.

Web push notification

Send notifications to desktop visitors of your website. To learn how to create web push notifications, click here.

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