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Dawid Tyburek
Written by Dawid Tyburek

Recover Abandoned Carts with Emails

Retrieve abandoned carts by sending automated, personalized email messages to remind customers of the items they left behind.

Abandoned Cart recovery is a pivotal strategy in e-commerce that targets potential customers who have shown initial interest in products but have not completed their purchases. By implementing a structured approach to engage these customers

through reminder emails, SMS, and push notifications, businesses can significantly increase their chances of converting abandoned carts into sales.


  • implemented on a website.

  • Ecommerce Product Events configured.

  • Email Domain or own SMTP connected.

  • Product Feed connected.

How it works

  1. User adds product to cart.

  2. sends the Product Event to the app.

  3. Automation starts and allows time to complete purchase.

  4. After a set time has passed, automation checks if the purchase was made.

  5. If no purchase, email campaign is sent.

How to build it

  1. Create an Email Campaign.

  2. Create an automation.

  3. Configure Product Events.

  4. Test and deploy.

Create an Email Campaign

Let's start with an Email Campaign.

  1. Got to Campaigns -> Email.

  2. Select Settings dropdown -> Messages.

  3. Create a new Message or modify existing an one.

  4. Navigate back to the list of Email Campaigns -> Create new campaign.

  5. Choose name and choose Automated type.