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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Refund Policy

When a refund is given, and when it is not

Let's look at the cases in which is willing to refund your money and for which reasons we may refuse.

Trial accounts offers a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required for signup. There is no risk related to your money during this period.

You may purchase the subscription before the trial period ends then your account will automatically be switched to "paid accounts".

Paid accounts

When you upgrade your plan and purchase the subscription, you are charged automatically for each initial billing period.


You have the right to stop your subscription at any time.* No further amounts will be collected from your credit card. However, you are responsible for any amounts already charged to your credit card. is not obliged to accept a refund request for any period of time left on your subscription (unless it is described below in the "We accept" part of the article).

We do not offer refunds on already processed payments; this policy is the same for all clients, and you are responsible for all charges in your subscription.

*If you wish to stop your subscription, go to "Payments" tab and click "Resign from plan".


Cases in which will approve a refund request:

  • The system charged you after you deleted/ended your subscription. *

  • The system charged you more than what is defined in your subscription plan.

  • Some functionalities of the app stopped working for you; it affected your business and you decide to unsubscribe. **

  • A bug affected the usage of the app and was not resolved by the team in the estimated period of time. ***

* Please, make sure you followed the instruction of proper deleting the app (removing code from your website is not counted).

** This information should be reported to our support team via chat at the moment the problem occurs with proof of the issue. If our tech team can't solve the problem we will proceed with the refund.

*** The bug should be reported to our support team via chat with the details (screenshots, videos) attached. Our support team (along with specialists from the IT department) will rate the importance of the situation and define if the situation can be considered a bug.

For detailed information on the service levels and performance metrics that qualify for a refund, please refer to our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Cases in which will not approve a refund request:

  • You purchased the subscription and would like to unsubscribe before the billing period ends. In such a case, payment for the remaining number of days is not returned.

  • You did not remove the tracking code from the website. Please, make sure you follow the instruction for deleting the app as we will continue storing your info inside the app.

  • You forgot to delete the app or stop your subscription before the next payment period.

Who decides on the refund?

The final decision is made by, by the following representatives:

  • Head of Customer Support Team

  • Head of the Customer Success department

  • CEO

How to request a refund

Contact our support team via chat and provide them with all the details regarding the case.

We consider each case separately and personally on the basis of the arguments presented.

We treat all clients equally; we do not make exceptions to this policy.

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