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Benjamin Thomas
Written by Benjamin Thomas

Setting chat business hours

Learn how to set up the time your chat will be available to customers!

To start, go to Settings --> App Settings from your main screen.

Choose Availability from the menu on the left.

From here, you have two options:

  • Always - It will allow your customers to talk to you at any time.
  • During business hours - Here you can set up the specific times your Agents will be available at.


This is your standard setting and will work using default app settings.

During business hours

Here you have several options to choose from. First, choose at which times you would like your Agents to be available. To do this, click on Add Period button ,and a new selection field will appear. From the list, you can choose the days of the week when you want your chat to be available.

You can set the business hours on every day basis or just set up hours for the whole week, business days ,or only weekends. After that, choose the time paying attention to the AM/PM time.

Next, you can choose what will happen when a customer calls outside of the business hours. You can either keep your chat widget hidden (the customer won't be able to use it then) or you can set up an autoresponder which will inform customers at what time Agents will be available.

If the customer writes a message outside of the business hours, he will get a message you prepared earlier.

This feature can either be used together with your chatbot or you can use it separately.

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