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Jakub Dendor
Written by Jakub Dendor

Automation for Abandoned carts

Learn how to configure the automation for an abandoned cart

What does it do?

Thanks to this automation, you will send an email reminder to users who added products to their basket but did not follow through with the purchase.

Before you start

The trial version of limits sending emails to 25: not enough to check whether we are able to reduce your cart abandonment rate. You must pay for a subscription to our application.

How it works

1. First, start with the event about adding a product to the cart

The key to making the automation work is to send to an Event that can trigger such an automation. For eCommerce, we recommend using Product events.

You can configure it, for example, via Google Tag Manager. We also have ready-made containers that can be loaded into the GTM.

Our plugins for Magento, Presta Shop and Woocommerce also contain them.

2. Then, set up a Delay

We recommend setting the Delay for 3 hours, which gives the customer time to complete the purchase.

3. Later, we check if the purchase has been completed

In Filters, we check whether the customer has made a purchase in the last 3 hours. If not, we send an email. If you do not send Event purchase, you can use Page visit Condition (e.g. "order confirmation").

4. Send an email

First, configure sending emails from your own domain (more info on that here).

Second, create an email for abandoned cart, which will render data from Events: Add to cart. For this, use Snippet Tags.

If possible, ask your programmers to prepare such mailings (more info here).

You can find a template of this automation here.

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