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Sabina Sęk
Written by Sabina Sęk

How to configure IMAP

Configure your inbox connection so that you can see incoming messages in

Why connect with IMAP?

The IMAP lets you connect your inbox, such as Gmail or Outlook, with

There are three basic reasons why this connection is valuable:

  1. You're able to see emails you and your colleagues have received on own email address from any user in their timeline.
  2. You can upload your contacts to without using a CSV file or an API connection.
  3. You can automate different actions depending on whether the user responded to one of your emails. Do this by going to "Automations" and use the conditions module "IMAP email".

Before you start

Make sure that your inbox either has no limits as to connecting IMAP or those limits have been removed.

For example, Gmail by default has IMAP connections blocked. In order to connect, you need to go to your Gmail settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable the connection.

Before logging in you have to allow access to your Gmail from a remote server. To do so visit link

Let's start

  1. Go to "Settings" > "Connected inboxes"
  2. Click "Connect via IMAP"
  3. You'll land on the configuration panel. We'll now go through all the fields inside


  • You can give an identification name to your IMAP connection. Users will not see this setting.

Host Name

  • To know your host name, simply google the name of your email provider and "IMAP hostname". For Gmail, use (You can also use one of the providers' names from top of the page)


  • In most cases, this is simply your email address.


  • The password to your email account or unique password if you have 2-step verification on your email account (E.g.: example for Gmail)

Port number

  • In most cases (Gmail, for example), 993: to make sure, go to your email provider's website.

Create users

  • Be careful! This option will import the list of contacts from your email account and create user profiles for those email addresses in your application.


  • Select your user name from the drop-down menu.

Click Create IMAP and you're finished!

After saving changes, your inbox will be synchronized immediately with the app. If your inbox has a lot of messages, it can take up to 1 hour to download all of the messages.

Automatic synchronization is done each hour.

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