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Aneta Koreba
Written by Aneta Koreba

Chat widget settings

Find out more about how to personalize your chat.

General info

Our widget weighs around 51kb - it's lighter than the old version (approx 200kb) and widget_without_chat (approx100kb), making it one of the lightest on the market! :)

The new widget is fully modular, each element can be turned on and off.

The appearance below will be referred to as the widget Board and each of these cubes will be called a Module.

To edit the widget, go to Settings > Chat widget settings.

The behaviour of the widget depending on the selected modules


  • 0 selected modules - the widget behaves like in the hidden state - you just can't see it
  • 1 selected module (not applicable to marketing article) - click to open the widget with its start page
  • Selected Marketing article module - Board only shows up with this module
  • 2 or more selected modules - when clicked, the widget opens the Board with all available modules

Currently available modules:

  • Conversations
  • Marketing article

Planned modules:

  • Ticketing system
  • Appointment scheduling (will be launched as the last one)
  • Knowledge base


Active modules


  • Users, the module is visible only to recognized users who are considered as contacts in the app
  • Visitors, module visible only to anonymous users

Marketing article

We set here: access (the same action as above) and languages, graphics, header, description and link (remember to add http / https).

We can add graphics for different languages. If we want to have the same graphics for several languages, it must be added independently for each language.

After clicking on the Module, the user will be redirected to the page set as the Article URL.

Multilanguage widget

The widget supports multiple languages for each of its sections.

Main Widget Board settings

These two settings are displayed at the top when the board is opened (no need to set if the user has one active module other than the marketing article)

Chat module titles settings

These two settings are displayed as module descriptions when you open the widget board:

Chat module subtitles settings

They are visible after clicking on the Chat module. They show up when the agent has not joined the conversation yet.

Widget visibility

We currently support 6 widget states as shown in the screenshot below.

Additionally, you can set exactly on which pages the widget should be displayed.

The '*' indicates a widget that is visible on all pages

NOTE: You need to add here website address with http:// or https:// at the beggining.

Use case

We want to show the widget on all blog articles but not on the blog homepage (e.g.

Then in the website address we have to add an entry:*

If we type:* 

this widget will be displayed on all blog pages but also on pages

State 'hidden' hides the widget on all websites.

Widget design

As visibile on the above screenshot, and additionally:

Show agent avatar

  • ON - shows the avatars of agents from the application in the chat widget;
  • OFF - shows the default icon.

App name vs Logo icon

In the upper left corner of the widget you can set a visible name (app name) or a logo that will be inserted (logo icon).

The icon logo has priority. If the user inserts the logo icon, he will not see the app name.

Use gradient

It is possible to obtain a system gradient - a delicate gradient in the shade of primary color.

Greetings settings

Email prompt

It is displayed when the anonymous user writes first in the chat.

Agents availability

Check the options for setting the availability of agents in the chat.For example:


Additional info

If the widget is hidden and we send a message, the user will see the chat widget with this message. After the refresh, the widget will be invisible again.

Knowledge Base in Chat Widget

After clicking on the Header of the module (in the picture: "Find the answer") the Knowledge Base module opens. Shows 6 articles with the most views. After scrolling, the next 6 are shown.

After entering a phrase in the search, 6 articles with the highest number of views containing the phrase searched for are also shown.

  • After clicking the icon next to the title of the article, we can open it in a new browser tab.
  • After clicking on the category to which the article has been added, we can open the category subpage in Knowledge Base in a new tab.

At the end of each article, there is an option to rate from 1 to 5 expressed in emoji.

As for other Chat modules - on the right side you can set translations with real-time preview.