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Marzena Wojnowska
Written by Marzena Wojnowska

Chat widget settings

Find out more about how to personalize your chat.

General info

Our widget weighs around 51kb - it's lighter than the old version (approx 200kb) and widget_without_chat (approx 100kb), making it one of the lightest on the market! :)

To edit the widget, go to Settings > Chat widget settings.

The new widget is fully modular, each element can be turned on and off.

The appearance below will be referred to as the widget Board and each of these cubes will be called a Module.

You can personalize the order of the modules:

Below you can see a default modules' order:

Let's go through each of the modules.

Chat module

Here you can decide, for whom your chat should be accessible:


  • Recognized Users - the module is visible only to recognized users, who are considered as contacts in the app.
  • Visitors - module visible only to anonymous users.
  • Allow to start conversation - if it is switched on, a visitor can start conversation first and write a message on chat; if it is switched off, a visitor cannot start a conversation on chat and cannot write any message. Switching it off is usable when you are building automation where you send the first message based on the action performed by the user.

Knowledge Base module

Here you can decide for whom articles from your base should be accessible:

Promo highlight module

You can, for example, promote special offers straight from the widget. You can add both: an image & a text or a link.

Multilanguage widget module

The widget supports multiple languages for each of its sections. You can set a default chat message according to the language. More information about chat languages and default chat language, you can find here.

Widget visibility module

Here you can decide how your chat shall behave, depending on your needs.

Additionally, you can set exactly on which pages the widget should be displayed.

The '*' indicates a widget that is visible on all pages

NOTE: You need to add here the website address with http:// or https:// at the beginning.

Use case

We want to show the widget on all blog articles but not on the blog homepage (e.g.

Then in the website address, we have to add an entry:*

If we type:* 

this widget will be displayed on all blog pages but also on pages

State: 'hidden' hides the widget on all websites.

More information about what each state means, you can find here.

Widget design module

Here you can customize your widget. You can change alignment, logo, icon, name, color & pattern.

Show agent avatar

  • ON - shows the avatars of agents from the application in the chat widget;
  • OFF - shows the default icon.

Widget alignment

You can choose the left or the right side.

App name & Logo icon

You can set a visible name (app name) or a logo that will be inserted (logo icon). The icon logo has a priority. If the user inserts the logo icon, he will not see the app name.

- >

This is the way, it will be displayed on your website.

Widget icon

You can personalize the color of your chat widget and add an icon. You can add any image you want and change the Primary color to adjust it to your website.


This is the way, it will be displayed on your website. The color of the widget has been changed and on the right side, you can see the uploaded Widget Icon.

Conversation pattern

Here you can pick a background that will appear for your visitors/customers.



You can either switch the on or off gradient option.

  • The gradient is off:


  • The gradient is on:


Greeting settings module

Here you can set up your greeting for your visitors. You can do it in many languages. To add another language, press Add.

Lead form module

Collect email addresses automatically in your chat widget.

Agent availability module

Here you can customize the chat availability of your team & set autoresponder.

More details about setting the availability on the chat you can find here.

Chatbot module

Here you can customize your chat - personalize its name and picture.